OGWhatsApp Pro

(Official Website: OGWA.xyz)

OGWhatsApp Pro is another WhatsApp Mod like GBWhatsApp Pro Developed by AlexMODs. Download the Latest Version of OGWA Pro Apk for Android from this website. Experience a Next level messaging App then WhatsApp. Simple Design with some extra Layout Option. Packed with tons of MOD Features, that make the cense of using OGWhatsApp instead original WhatsApp Messenger.

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No more Account Ban! OGWA Pro has the most powerfull Anti-ban Feature which make sure that your Account is safe and running all the time.

Save/Download Status


No more need to ask your friend for their Stories and statuses. Now you can directly Save Images and Videos from Status or Copy all the text Stories.

Ant-Delete for Everyone

If Someone use “Delete for everyone” Option from their side, the messages will be Delete form their side, but never delete form your side.

Privacy & Security

It has a extra layer of Security with more Privacy Options. You can Set for Custom chats and Groups, and it is far better than the Original one.

Hide Everything


Freeze or Hide Your Last Seen, Status View, Message Reads, Recording status, Typing status and many more things. But These rules doesn’t apply on you.

OGWhatsApp Pro

Version: 16.20 | Size: 49 MB

Themes & Fonts


Change the Loock and Design of Home Screen, Chat Screen, App icon or anything. It has a huge collection of Stylish Themes and Stylish Fonts.

Backup & Restore


Want to Move in OGWhatsApp Now? But Warried about all the Data? OGWA has dedicated option for Taking Backup and restore them safely.

Regular Updates

OGWhatsApp Pro is an Awesome Mod by Russian Developer Alex. You will get regular Updates with tons of New features and Updates.

OGWA Preview

OGWhatsApp 2022 New Update


1. Why OGWhatsApp Pro not found in Play Store?

OGWhatsApp Pro is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore. But you can download it from this website [www.gbwa.xyz].

2. Can I keep both WhatsApp and OGWhatsApp Pro both installed together?

Yes, you can keep both WhatsApp and OGWhatsApp Pro installed together on the same device.

3. How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp Pro?

1. Backup your conversations on WhatsApp. (In WhatsApp settings, go to ‘Chat settings’ and backup your conversations’)
2. Install OGWhatsApp Pro (follow steps from question 3 above).
3. After verification is complete you will be prompted to import the backup.
4. Accept the request to import conversations.

4. Is OGWhatsApp Pro developed by WhatsApp company?

No, It’s an unofficial app developed by independent developers, not sponsored by WhatsApp company.

5. Why OGWhatsApp Pro not found in Play Store?

OGWhatsApp Pro is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore.

6. Is OGWhatsApp Pro available for iOS, Windows and BlackBerry devices as well?

Unfortunately, OGWhatsApp Pro is presently available only for Android platform.

7. How do I change themes?

You can always create a theme of your own and customize it yourself. OGWhatsApp Pro lets you customize every single part of the app and you can change the look and feel to your own liking.

8. Where can I find more themes?

You can directly download themes from the OGWhatsApp Pro themes store server or search online for themes.

9. Will I Be Banned if I Use OGWhatsApp Pro?

In new updates no, But if you got banned uninstall your WhatsApp version and install it again.

10. Can I secure a specific chat or the whole OGWhatsApp Pro profile with password protection?

Yes, you can password-protect any single chat or for whole OGWhatsApp Pro application.